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Organic Body Care

Hand crafted my massage oils, soaps,bath oils and bath salts are all made with natural products, herbs grown by myself and edibles as colorants.


Custom Aroma Therapy Massage Oils $12

Mugwort, Lavender Massage Oil

Mugwort is very good for muscle spasm's, while the lavender is good for relaxation. Both are infused in an all organic oil base. It makes a nice smooth massage oil.

Mugwort and Bergmont Massage Oil

Mugwort relaxes muscles and the bergmont is a wonderful"pick-me up" scent for the soul.

Bergmont,Rosewood and Tea Tree Massage Oil

Bergmont is a great emotional lifter and the warm aroma of rosewood gives an easy feeling to the soul.


Bath Oils $12

Custom made Bath Oils in any comination of aromas already listed her or anything that you can think of!


Bath Salts $12

Bergmont and Lavender

This bath salt is wonderful after a long day at work, it is up lifting to the spirit while still calming of the lavender.

Rosewood and Sandalwood

Calming to the senses and not too perfumey. You soul with thank you for this scent.

Cucumber, Green Tea and Tea Tree

This is a great little "pick me up" bath salt, with the tree tree to cleanse. Treat yourself to this after a long hot summer day gardening or when needing to perk your spirits up- before heading out for the evening.

Chamomile, Lavender and Valerian

Nighty Night, this is the bath salt, to soak away a long day of worries. The relaxing scent of lavender and the calming properties of the Chamomile and Valerian--will induce a very good nights sleep.

Organic Herbal Soaps $6 per bar

Honeysuckle & Rose in Organic Goats Milk (refreshing)

Goats milk is very moisturizing to the skin, with the fresh energizing pick me up of the honeysuckle & rose. This refreshing bar of soap will do wonders for your feelings.

Lavender & Violet in Organic Goats Milk and Dead Sea Salts (relaxing)

Let the goats milk moisturize your skin while the Dead Sea salts cleanse the toxins from your skin. The lavender& violet will relax your senses. Bath your senses in relaxation, while cleaning your skin.

Lavender & Oatmeal in Organic Goats Milk
(gentle exfoliant)

The Lavender relaxes the soul, while the oatmeal gently exfoliates your skin and the organic goats milk rejuvenates with moisture. Treat your skin to a spa like recharge.

Honey, Almond &Spice in Olive oil,& Organic
Goats Milk (moisturizing)

The honey, almond & spices relax your mind while the olive oil and organic goats milk moisturize and nourish your skin. This is a great bar for winter's dull skin or under moisturized summer skin.

Bergmont, Green Tea ,Tea Tree in Goats Milk &
Sea salt (cleansing)

The sweet citrus small of the bergmont rejuvenates the soul as the green tea and tea tree stimulates skins healthy glow. This bar will gently cleanse while waking up your senses.

Sandalwood, Tea Tree, Rosewood in Olive Oil &
Goats Milk (energizing)

The essence of the sandalwood and rosewood, energies the soul as the tea tree cleanses,with the moisturizing effects from the Olive oil and Organic Goats Milk. Indulge you body with the essences of energy.

To order any of Jeannie's Organic Body Care Products call 609.346.5243

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