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Spirit to Sole is a center for healing, enlightenment and fun.

Reflexology is a type of therapy that involves the massaging of the feet to treat and heal an individual's entire body. It is said to be a gentle type of therapy, used to restore the body's natural balance as well as to help maintain its equilibrium. Sometimes, reflexology involves the hands and ears as well as the feet. In most cases, however, only the feet are involved. Reflexology is a therapeutic treatment for a full range of conditions back pain, sports injuries, migraines, arthritis, digestive imbalances, hormone imbalances, pregnancy, labor and delivery, sleep disorders and a full range of stress-related conditions.

People of all ages may benefit from reflexology treatment. While some individuals may choose to enjoy the therapy on an occasional basis, many choose to receive such treatments regularly. Many individuals who seek regular treatments believe doing so helps them to maintain their health and well-being.


My name is Jeannie Francis and I am a Reflexology therapist, Reiki Master, Master Herbalist and Master Gardener.  

My mother and I have been trained as Reflexologist
, Herbalists and Reiki since 1972. My mother has since retired from the work. But, I have watching with a curious eye as the health field has very much been evolving in the USA. We are now attending to the body as a whole, not just medically treating it as a part.

Reflexology, Reiki and Herbal Healing all work hand in hand to help improve the bodies balance and bring calm to the body. My clients have come to me with a variety of issues from nervous disorders, allergies, cancer issues, pain issues, to helping young mom’s, to induce labor. I have been amazed myself at the out come of body changes due to a Reflexology Treatment.

My mother and I were trained at the International Reflexology School in Philadelphia and I am an instructor for the Gentle Healing Massage School in Cranbury NJ.

The healing center that I have opened in Merchantville, will be offering Reflexology, Reiki, Herbal treatments and more. We offer workshops, classes, meditation sessions and have other medical modalities, offered by other practitioners.

As a certified Master Gardener, I am known for my heirloom organic tomato plants, edible flowers, herb plants, which all go on sale Mother’s Day weekend. I do may gardening workshops, lead garden tours, grow all organic produce, make organic body products such as soaps, massage oils, body lotions, salves, lip balms and ointments, which I sell from the Center, by word of mouth or on-line.


Spirit to Sole Connection

23 N. Centre St. Merchantville NJ 08109



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Thurs. 10-6

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Our Reflexology, Reiki and Herbal Consultations are by Appointment

June 6,Tues. 7pm $10.00 Intuitive Tuesday - How to make a Blessed Floor Wash. During the full moon is an excellent time to do a ritual wash your doors, windows, alter and more.

June 8, Thurs. 7pm $10.00 Mugwort Magick for the full moon. Magick is filled in the common weed called Mugwort. Let's explore all it's many herbal properties.

June 13, Tues. 15% off a one hour reflexology session. (Call to book your appointment.)

June 20, Tues. 7pm. $10.00 Intuitive Tuesday, Making crystal grids to increase Psychic abilities. Crystal energies can be very helpful in bringing in understanding to the psychic soul.

June 21, Wed. 7pm $10.00 Fermented beverages to heal gut health. Learn how to make and use fermented beverages to aid in gut health and balance.

June 23, Fri 4-7pm Ladies Night, tea sampling, card readings, chair massage.

June 27, Tues. 7pm $10.00 Intuitive Tuesday, Empaths survival techniques. There are many survival techniques that can be used by empaths- to guide through this world a little easier.

email spirit2soleconnection@yahoo.com 856-834-0883

Please give us a call to save your seat in class.


Listen to Jeannie being interviewed by Elsie Kerns

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